Sylvia Lynton - Textile Gardens

After studying Painting at Leeds College of Art and gaining a teaching diploma, I taught in schools and as a lecturer and senior lecturer in a College of Education.

I have always been excited by textiles, and used them in many forms in my teaching and in my personal work.

It was only after retiring from teaching and doing a course, part time, over four years, with Kim Thittichai, that I was able to devote more time to develop my work.

EX TEX 4 continue to work and exhibit as a group, and over two years ago I joined the group PIZAZZ and have had various exhibitions with them.

Painting has affected how I work with textiles and I like the perhaps more tactile handling of materials. Some of the immediacy and unexpected juxtapositions of colour I find very exciting. The colour of fabric pieces, either dyed or intrinsic can be manipulated for the amount of colour and shape in a very different way to paint, and dyeing in itself produces unexpected results.

In addition to working with orthodox materials I like to work with ”found” pieces, some with age and decay. I tend to work with layers, set into boundaries of margins and edges.

My interest in gardens is life long, and although my work is varied, I return again to gardens as a theme to be explored.

To contact Sylvia email: sylvialynton@aol.com