Mary Moo - Bonkers Boxes

Bonkers boxes are born of my inherited addiction of 'wolmble-ing', that's what my dad called it when he would come home from walking the dogs with half a bicycle and an armful of old wood (much to my mothers dismay). He was a hoarder and I too have this trait, except that mine is treasure!!

I like to collect rejected textile 'stuff', nice shaped stones and shells and make them into little characters. I like to see how using this inanimate junk makes naughty, haughty, shy, or flamboyant little creatures materialise.

I hope that what I make has a feel of nostalgia like thinking back about some strange old aunt who made her own clothes and kept cats - er...no.

Sorry, I've just described myself! I hope that they are nostalgic with a twist, something that you can't quite put your finger on.

To contact Mary email - marymoox@hotmail.com