Jose Heasman

Stained glass by Jose Heasman

Handcrafted, original designs in lamps, screens, panels, light-catchers, mirrors and candleholders

I have been working in stained glass, using the copperfoil technique, since 1997, diversifying from a background in fine art and a career in graphic design. When I discovered glass, it was love at first break! I have exhibited and sold my work throughout Sussex, Somerset and Hampstead, London.

For me, working in glass is inspiring, mood-enhancing and challenging. Glass exudes energy: sharp, bright colours sing out; iridescent or opalescent swirls of colour glow softly and have an ethereal quality. I strive to capture the essence of nature within my designs and use of glass; the Sussex countryside and coastline provide a constant stimulus. I use only the most beautiful glass, from the finest glassmakers.

Contact Jose by email jose@josefineglass.co.uk or visit her website