Ember Vincent

Ceramic Artist

I am inspired by curvaceous natural formations such as shells, seedpods, flower buds and the female body - both in the shapes I create as well as the surface effects I look to achieve. My work is also very tactile. I love the feel of smooth pebbles newly washed up from the sea and want to create pieces that are as beautiful to hold as they are to look at.

The rich colours of my vases and bowls are created first by layering and combining natural clay pigments with coloured oxides, then by “painting with smoke” - using the reaction of fire on earth. I use a Raku process where pieces are heated up in an outdoor kiln and plunged whilst red hot into wood shavings. The smoke formed is absorbed into the clay creating a permanent, natural and fairly unpredictable effect. I control this effect (to a certain extent!) using resist glazes, which are scrubbed off afterwards, exposing the bare clay surface. I then polish this surface using beeswax.

The inside of the vases are glazed, so they can be used practically to contain water, however due to the firing method used, they cannot be guaranteed to be 100 per cent waterproof, and the base may become damp after sitting with water inside for a long period of time. Alternatively, they can look stunning as sculptural ornaments or with a simple display of dried flowers.

The techniques I use have been in practice for centuries – my pieces can look contemporary and primitive at the same time: a piece of history, something ancient and mysterious - forever timeless!

Contact details: 07951 231672 - ember.vincent@fromthebelly.co.uk