Carrie Donohoe - Textile bags & Corsages

I have no formal art training but a lifelong fascination with beautiful fabrics, threads and colour. During my childhood I was surrounded by creativity with my grandmother, aunt and mother, all accomplished needlewomen producing gorgeous pieces of needlework, knitwear, artwork and poetry.

My mother taught me to stitch and use a sewing machine for my first garments as a child but my love and obsession for embroidery developed much later. I started out by enrolling at a class at the Connaught Centre [Machine embroidery] where textile artist Wendy Dolan supported me in developing my own personal style before I went on to experiment with a more mixed media approach with the help of Kim Thittichai.

I have always been influenced by the beauty of nature and floral shapes and love creating deep textural or delicate lacy effects. The idea of making something beautiful out of articles which have outlived their original function is also a strong factor. Iím constantly fascinated by the diversity which can be achieved through textile art and the experimental element of embroidery techniques.

I have enjoyed making jewellery, bags, gloves and other accessories. I love the challenge of a developing project, problem solving along the way followed by the thrill of a finished piece.

I have exhibited in the Brighton Festival Open Houses for several years but take part only at Christmas at present as Iím studying for a City and Guilds qualification in textile art with Distant Stitch, a distance learning school led by textile artist Sian Martin.

I also work part-time as a Paediatric Liaison Specialist Nurse at the local childrenís hospital.

To contact Carrie email - carriedonohoe@hotmail.co.uk