Bebe Bird  - Ceramics

Bebe’s terracotta flowers have grown from a combination of building techniques.
They have been moulded and coiled so each flower blooms in its own way.

The flowers are then glaze fired to 1145C which will allow the flowers to withstand a light frost.These floral tributes may be enjoyed inside your home or in your garden.
To exactly fit the flowers final destination they may need a slight adjustment which Bebe would be happy to do.

The terracotta groynes and ancient Mediterranean doorways are similarly weather proof.

A door is a must if you suspect you have fairies in your garden.

Bebe also enjoys using her potter’s wheel and has made a collection of stoneware table planters for the garden. The planters have drainage holes so would be excellent to decorate your garden tables. Alternatively the planters may be used in the home as fruit bowls.

Bebe invites commissions.

To contact Bebe email -  bebe.bird@talk21.com